The beginnings of YALONGO

YALONGO" means: "ascensional knowledge which allows access to divine energy" in Kikongo Cocoa is part of fruit bearing a special sacredness. The rules for achieving adequate production are to understand the complex natural phenomena attributed to it, the production cycles, the occasional diseases, its sensitivity to climatic hazards. As many variables that constitute a test pertaining to the performance of the connected mind. Extensive research has been carried out on all the territories favorable to this culture to understand the taste journey that this fruit wants to offer us. The cooperative Yalongo tends to give the most adapted human responses in order to restore its gustatory authenticity.


YALONGO, the idea of ​​a Grand Cru in the heart of "Africa in miniature"

Cocoa is a fruit that emerges in undoubtedly tropical latitudes. The cocoa bean contains one of the most coveted secrets of our womb. The Olmecs (African ancestors of the Mesoamerican region) *were the first to discover the secrets of this broad bean widely used for these medicinal properties and its close connection with the deities. The idea of a "GRAND CRU" defines, by taste, the origin of the unique link that man maintains with nature in the simple healing collective memory that represents chocolate. Its thoughtful consumption opens access to certain truths when it is considered and respected by all these actors.

*Book : "They came before Colombus"  - Ivan Van Sertima /The true story of Chocolate"1996 Sophie Coe et Michael Coe / *Quezacoatl - Charles Wiener - 1922