Yalongo is a village located in the heart of Cameroon's primary forest, a few kilometers from Ntui. A site that enjoys one of the most varied forest environment on the planet. A land that has inherited a concentrated soil and proliferates. Since the arrival of the BAVEUK (autochthonous ethnic group), it has been a central element of agricultural development for all the types of plantations envisaged (groundnuts, plantains, combos, chili, cassava, and fruit trees). Renowned for being the bread basket of Yaoundé, the department of the MBAM and KIM is the largest in Cameroon, it is also the most fertile.

*PGI: Protected geographical indication


The Red Cacao

Yalongo is part of the land that gives the "Red Cacao", the name already recognized by several organizations of producers and industrialists of the sector, presents it as unique in the world, through its red-brick color, its taste and its nutritive density , particularly sought after by master chocolatiers.

A very varied flora

Oyem invites you into a rich agricultural environment. The ecosystem is very diverse, which contributes to giving a very special character to the cocoa of the MBAM ET KIM

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