Passion and know-how

The manufacturing processes are meticulous, all of which is to succeed ...

  • Shading adjustment

    Cocoa trees need specific shading. Agroforestry is one of the best ways to guarantee. This shading, the neighboring trees already implanted on site, the banana planes, and the associated fruit trees allow one to them alone an ideal lighting within the plantation.

  • Ground Control

    Maintaining the natural humus, weeding and removing the gourmands who hinder the development of cocoa continue the main work to have an ideal soil at harvest time and throughout the year.

  • The Size

    The maintenance size is to remove greedy, dead branches, sick or carrying parasitic plants. It also aims to illuminate the interior of the foliage by cutting off the falling secondary branches when they are too dense. The greedy must be cut to give a good frame to the plant.

  • Fertilization

    Fertilization is an initially natural exchange that takes place with the underground networks of neighboring trees. The exchange of information and the plurality of plant spaces is important to maintain the threshold of diseases at the lowest and to keep insects away. 

  • The Harvest

    The harvest is a moment of sharing, which is done around the same point. The pods are selected ripe. Yellow in color, the beans are swollen, well rounded, with a juicy pulp. The carcasses are subsequently recovered to make the natural fertilizer.

  • Pod Breaking

    Breaking the pods is a delicate operation that requires accuracy and precision. Farmers are careful in cutting to avoid injuring the inner beans and compromising fermentation.

  • La fermentation

    Balanced fermentation is the most important phase for obtaining a quality cocoa. Bins are available to regulate the temperature and reach the desired peak of fermentation heat.

  • Drying

    The drying is guaranteed on racks of 1m 10 in height, exposed under a yard, which capture the heat and preserve. The drying time is optimized to ensure even drying and beans with minimum moisture content (7%) A ventilated space with an artificial dryer that keeps the space at an ideal temperature.