The YALONGO Nursery

The nurseryman ensures a seed that conforms to the natural longevity of the cocoa tree. The plants are maintained in such a way as to maintain a solid variety and less exposed to associated diseases. Choice plants integrated for a culture respecting nature itself. The Yalongo nursery is the basis of our production, the Forest variety our first choice. The plants are original, untreated, non-hybrid and are the best source for growing quality cocoa. All Yalongo trees come from this source. A nursery that focuses on quality reproduction over quantity.

Fermentation Zone

The fermentation of Yalongo cocoa is finely adjusted in the bins provided for this purpose. Affiliated Farmers are all linked to this crucial stage of production. Our approach is very special during this period, we want the beans to be treated with the utmost attention. All the details are extremely important to reveal the unique taste of red cocoa.


Drying area

A 300m2 space set up to dry the beans. With an artificial drying supplement that allows natural temperature control and stabilization without affecting either the taste or the smell of the beans. This drying process is optimal insofar as the equipment is cutting-edge technology focused on energy reuse.

Storage Area

A space of 50m2 set up to store the beans. The layout of the bags, the temperature inside are all variables that help to keep the OYEM chocolate in very good condition of preservation without affecting neither the taste nor the smell of the beans..